Alum Bay and the Needles

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Alum Bay

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Old postcards are sometimes poorly produced and grainy, I've done my best to scan them.

Dates are from the card or my estimate (where possible). The maker of the card is shown in brackets (where available).

All pictures on this page are from my own collection, but are not my copyright. If you wish to repost or reuse them would you please out of courtesy let me know.

Alum Bay about 1910. (F.M. Koln)

Alum Bay 1904

Alum Bay 1930

Looking from the Needles headland over Alum Bay 1904.

A similar view, probably from the 1930's. (Sweetman)

Alum Bay from the Cliffs 1930

Alum Bay beach, again probably from the 1930's 

showing the wrecked pier. (Dean)

Picture is from the late 19th century according to the book 'Alum Bay and the Needles', but card has no date. (G.G)

Alum Bay Pier 1915

Alum Bay - tea being taken on the pier

This card shows the view from the head of Alum Bay pier  with the chine (gorge) in the background, dated 1915. (Ideal)

An undated card showing tea being taken on Alum Bay pier.

Alum Bay Gorge

Alum Bay Chine

Alum Bay chine (gorge) probably pre war. The hut was a tea room.  This was the main route to the beach. (Gubbins)

The path down the chine during the 50's  (before the chair lift was built). (Dean)

Alum Bay and the Needles Rocks

Royal Needles Hotel

A poor quality card from 1907 of Alum Bay looking across to the Needles.

The Royal Needles Hotel, centre left, burnt down in 1909 with Headon Hall just visible on the right. (Frith)

Alum Bay overview

Royal Needles Hotel

An overview of Alum Bay from 1924. The rebuilt Needles hotel is at the centre of the picture with Headon Hall above it to the left.

Royal Needles Hotel, probably from the 1960's. (Nigh)

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